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Blue Heron Bay Developer Profile
Doug Joslyn has been an environmentalist and active developer in the Lake Conroe area for 30 years.


Doug Joslyn's passion for designing unique, beautiful buildings amongst the natural settings is evident throughout the development. Development of the first and second phases of Blue Heron Bay has been completed. The first was the residential area surrounding the bay of Lake Conroe. The second was developing a 40,000 square foot professional medical facility featuring medical specialists and an Urgent Care Center and Imaging Center.
Blue Heron Bay Corporation


The newest building by Doug is an example of this environmental preservation. By saving and enhancing bird habitats, resident birds such as the osprey, hawks, Great White Herons, the egret ducks, and the visiting Bald Eagles all reside along the lake shores of Blue Heron Bay. Future plans are Waterfront Retirement Living residences and a nature center to be used for educating youth. special needs, and charity groups.

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